Interview: Karin Nilsson, Swedish National Heritage Board

Interview: Johanna Berg, Swedish National Heritage

Interview: Anders Olsson, Arts Council of Norway

Winner: Team Duvebol – Time Mash

Team Duvebol

Team Duvebol, Martin Duveborg and Jonas Bolin from Swedish National Heritage Board, created a time machine-app for called Time Mash. It let’s you see photos on your mobile and then take a new photo to compare with the old one.

They won the prize for Most innovative app.

The app could be up on Android Market in a week or two and the code is downloadable at

Photo: Johan Carlström, Swedish National Heritage Board (CC-BY)

Winner: Pictura – Europeana Fancy Search


Mark van Duijker and Mark Lindeman, Pictura Database Publishing bv, created a component for the CMS Joomla that simplifies the search in Europeana database.

It won the prize for Most commcerial potential.

The code is downloadable at

Photo: Lars Lundqvist, Swedish National Heritage Board (CC-BY)

Winner: Bogus Journey – MuseumVILLE

Bogus Journey

Team Bogus Journey was formed at the beginning of the event. Designers and developers got together to create a sort of game called MuseumVILLE. It’s a game where you can be the curator of your own museum with items from the Europeana database.

The won two prizes. Biggest social impact/inclusion and also the special developers prize as voted by the participants in Hack4Europe Sweden.

The code can be found at

The team members are: Emil Stenström, Jens Tinfors, Jonas Beckman (Kami Development), Niklas Lindström and Tomas Seo (Phorecast).
Twitter-handles: @emilstenstrom @jensa @jonasbeckman @niklasl @seoism

Photo: Henrik Löwenhamn, Swedish National Heritage Board (CC-BY)

Winner: Team inUse/Copenhagen University

Team inUse Hack4Europe Stockholm 2011

Team inUse/Copenhagen University (Emil Björklund, Matylda McIlvenny, Pelle Sten, Tobian Haire, all from  inUse Consulting and Michael Barner-Rasmussen, Kobenhavns Universitet) created a concept called MyHometo.wn.  It’s a way to add personal stories to a photo.

They won the Swedish National Heritage Board Special prize.

Photo: Pelle Sten, inUse Consulting (CC-BY)

Meta Solutions – Europeana portfolio

Meta Solutions

Hannes Ebner and Mathias Palmér, KTH and Uppsala University, worked on adding Europeana to Confolio, a solution that allows you to make personal portfolios.

Photo: Lars Lundqvist, Swedish National Heritage Board (CC-BY)

Jack Nutting – Europeana Photo Quiz

Jack Nutting

Jack Nutting, from Toca Boca, with an Europeana Photo Quiz for iPad. It shows photos from the Europeana database and in this early stage it ask the gamer for which year the photo was taken.

Photo: Henrik Löwenhamn, Swedish National Heritage Board (CC-BY)

Mikael Lindström –

Mikael Lindström,, presented functioning demo of a mobile app that can be tested at

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