What tools helped us with Hack4Europe.se?

Waiting for the awards

This website was created just a few weeks before the actual event and during the event it was run by one person.

That wouldn’t be possible without the help of some wonderful tools (and people). Here’s a list of the tools and how we used them.


The website is built on open source CMS WordPress and hosted at Binero. The theme we used is called Notes Blog and is developed by Thord Daniel Hedengran. It is slightly modified to fit our needs. It’s a great theme and I recommend trying it out, especially if you want to make simple designs with child themes. It’s free to use and posted under GPL.

The plugins used are held at a minimum, but we used All In One SEO to make sure the title-tags and meta-descriptions and other stuff were SEO-friendly. We also used a plugin for Google Analytics called Ultimate GA. Twitter Goodies and Blackbird Pie were used for some Twitter integration.

Disqus were used for comments. Both Disqus and WordPress comments are easily moderated via iPhone apps.

The website was set up in less than one day.


We took a lot of photos during the events, and 113 of them (so far) made the cut and got uploaded to our Flickr-account. We have a Pro-account which makes all photos downloadable in high resolution. All photos uploaded by us are licensed with Creative Commons. CC-BY to be more precise. Most of the photos were uploaded during the event.


All seminars and presentations and the award ceremony were broadcast live with Bambuser.


Minutes after it were broadcasted, it were uploaded to our Youtube-channel and embedded on the site. Simple as that.


We tweeted a lot, so did the developers, guests and people watching the events live. Everything were monitored with Tweetdeck. We used both the @raa_se account as well as our own.


I will soon put up a similar post with all our partners and sponsors. Without them the whole event wouldn’t have been possible.


Photo: Lars Lundqvist (CC BY)


Everything on this site is under a Creative Commons license if not stated otherwise.

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