What do they say about Hack4Europe Sweden

Hackers from above

Update: Fredrik Sand, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, has written a piece as well.

Valtech, a company with two participants, celebrates the prizes they brought home. (In Swedish.)

Mashup.se is a blog about API’s and mashups and today they comment on this weekends event. (In Swedish.)

David Haskiya, from Europeana, has created a Scoop.it-feed about the events last week.

Åke Nygren from Information Today Europe writes a long article.

Jury member Kristina Alexanderson writes about the event on .SE’s blog. .SE was one of the sponsors of the Stockholm event. (In Swedish.)

Kristina has also uploaded some wonderful photos from the event.

inUse Consulting, which had a team in the competition, has also uploaded some great photos.

Jonas Söderström, inUse Consulting, writes about what he talked about in the seminar. (In Swedish.)

Hur det funkar, a blog about how to make the school better, mentions some of the seminars and about Creative Commons. (In Swedish.)

Henrik Summanen, Swedish National Heritage Board, elaborates on the subject Not Online = Total Waste, as mentioned by Joakim Jardenberg.

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