A big thanks to all our partners

We could never have pulled off this event if it weren’t for some great people and companies.

We would like to thank the following for their excellent cooperation:


For the wonderful venue that were perfect for Hack4Europe, for all the help with everything. Making sure we had everything we needed, letting us use your stuff and for being so great and friendly!


Not only did they send Kristina Alexanderson to be a part of our jury and to do a great speech at the seminars, they also were responsible for the network and Internet-connections. They did an awesome job and helped us with both small and big things.

Social Video

Björn Falkevik and Petter Karlsson. Awesome guys. They broadcast the whole event live, edited the clips, uploaded to Youtube, did interviews and took care of everything technical with the seminars and presentations. They also helped out wherever they could.


For great prizes to all the winners.


For their contribution to the after prize ceremony party.

Last, but not least

The food was provided by Maison Pierre.

A big thank you to Kristina Alexandersson, Joakim Jardenberg, Jonas Söderström, David Haskiya and Johanna Berg for great seminars. Kristina and Joakim were also part of the jury. We are very grateful!

We also need to thank everyone from Riksantikvarieämbetet and David Haskiya from Europeana that helped us before, during and after the event. Without them this wouldn’t have turned out like this!

All the developers that sat in a dark room for almost 24 hours, all the guests at the fridays seminars and everyone that followed the event on Twitter and Bambuser.

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