Förslag på tema att jobba med

Europeana har tagit fram några förslag på teman att jobba efter på Hack4Europe.

Open data/content/communites

Mashups of Europeana metadata and content with Wikipedia/Wikimedia resources, OpenStreetMap, Project Gutenberg, The Internet Archive, The Open Library, International Musc Score Library Project, Musopen,  etc.


Content and Collection Management Systems
Europeana API as components in the dominating general content management systems and specialised collection management systems for the GLAM-sector or eLearning sector. Examples:  Drupal, Joomla, CollectiveAccess, Omeka, Aleph, etc.

Mobile incl. Augmented Reality
(Geo-location aware) mobile services building on the Europeana API, such as packaging and contextualisation of content, mash-ups with check-in services, augmented reality overlays, guide trails combined with QR-codes etc.

Cultural tourism
Inclusion of Europeana content in booking services, guides etc.

Using Europeana content and/or the API in educational, historical games, etc.

Feeds for e-book catalogues/e-readers.

Search and discover sites linked to merchandising
Services where well designed search and discovery leads traffic to GLAMs which offer (paid for) e.g. print on demand and other reproduction services.

Social inclusion

Services built on the API where content can be displayed with designs focussing on children, elderly, visually impaired people; or where content is presented through voice synthesis; or where searches are triggered by voice commands.

Appplications that mash-up with other APIs to provide query translation or create multi-lingual labels for Europeana metadata.


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