Interview: Kristina Alexanderson, .SE

Interview: Joakim Jardenberg, Mindpark

Interview: Jonas Söderström, inUse Consulting

Interview: Fredrik Sand, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Interview: Karin Nilsson, Swedish National Heritage Board

Interview: Johanna Berg, Swedish National Heritage

Interview: Anders Olsson, Arts Council of Norway

Interviews from Hack4Europe Sweden

Winners of Hack4Europe Sweden

Here are all the winner from Hack4Europe in Sweden, June 10-11 2011.

The main winner, who gets to represent Sweden at the Digital Agenda Assembly in Brussels, will be announced Tuesday June 14 at 12am.

Most commercial potential: Team Pictura – Fancy Search

Biggest social impact/inclusion: Team Bogus Journey – Museumville

Most innovative: Team Duvebol – Time Mash

Developers prize: Team Bogus Journey – Museumville

Swedish National Heritage Board Special Prize: Team InUse/Copenhagen University – MyHometo.wn

Presentationerna av bidragen

Here are the presentations, in english.

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